Taking Stock of Inventory Claims Seminar

This seminar ranges from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the questions and time taken for the case study. Presentation and discussion of the following issues:

  • Flowchart approach to adjusting inventory losses
  • Understanding inventory tracking and costing methods
  • An explanation of inventory presentation on financial statements
  • Actual Cash Value (“ACV”) and Cost
  • Sources of evidence to determine Cost and estimate ACV
  • Guidelines and tools for assessing obsolescence
  • Impact of inventory losses on Business Interruption claims

Questions are encouraged throughout the presentation. All slides will be part of a handout, as well as additional handouts that serve as examples during the seminar.

We ask that any questions people may have prior to the seminar, be emailed to our office so that we may prepare a handout for all attendees. Additional topics can be added upon request.