Litigation Support

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, being able to manage risk and exposure is critical—especially if you’re faced with a business dispute or legal challenge. When you need an alternative source of information or a unique method of damage measurement, Williams Meaden & Moore has the wealth of knowledge and depth of resources to provide you with innovative, credible litigation support.

We will assemble an experienced team that knows how to help you succeed by employing focused preparation, thoughtful analysis, and expert testimony. You can count on our expertise to help steer you towards a successful litigation outcome.

Breach of Contract

When one party fails to fulfill their part of a contract, it’s vital that the wronged party be able to accurately estimate the true extent of all damages incurred.

Williams Meaden & Moore uses both quantitative and qualitative techniques to analyze the financial implications, quantify any actual or potential loss, and provide you with an independent expert review.

Construction Claims

Construction delays can lead to severe financial repercussions—from costly idle periods to delays in start-up, change orders, increased project/labour costs, hefty fines, potential contractual and financial disputes, lost business opportunities, lost profits and market share, and much more.

Williams Meaden & Moore experts can quickly quantify any losses and litigation claims related to construction delays. We can provide you with expert analysis during the settlement or mediation phase as well as discovery requests and interrogatories. If subject to dispute, we can also give expert testimony and assess the project’s current and future value.

Expropriation and Business Valuation Services

Expropriation and related construction projects carried out by an authority can have a significant impact on the ability of a business to operate or potentially terminate the business entirely.  Our team of Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs) can assist with determining the compensation which the business may be entitled to in relation to business losses or the business value upon termination as a result of such projects.

Our Expropriation and Business Valuation Services team has worked on a variety of construction projects both for authorities and for claimant business owners in a variety of industries. Our team has prepared reports calculating compensation related to: termination of a business, loss of profits,  or moving costs for relocation as a result of expropriation.

Extra Expenses

When disaster happens—such as a building collapse, flood, fire, or explosion—many companies scramble to replace their equipment and continue their project in an effort to mitigate downtime and any financial losses. However, these rushed decisions often lead to claims for extra expenses.

Instead, trust Williams Meaden & Moore to perform a full analysis of the claim and all related documentation, take all factors into consideration, and accurately measure the losses sustained. That way, you can see if the extra expenses claimed are reasonable, necessary, and directly linked to the property damaged in the incident.

Franchise Litigation

From lost profits to negligence, breach of contract, and more, dealing with issues of franchisee litigation requires specialists who understand the specific legislation in the Arthur Wishart Act as well as the unique ins and outs of this area across multiple industries.

Our extensive work with franchise-related grievances means we can provide you with valuable insights to navigate the process. We identify loss, evaluate damage, and prepare reports, valuation, and projections. If needed, we offer expert witness testimony that is defensible and clearly supported by evidence.

Fraud, Concealment, and Misrepresentation

Time is of the essence when you suspect an employee, manager, or business owner has committed fraud. That’s why Williams Meaden & Moore will get involved from the start to help you act quickly and manage the impact to your reputation and bottom line.

Our fraud experts can immediately step in to help you deal with any risks, concerns, or allegations related to fraud, theft, concealment, misrepresentation, or any other illegal or unethical conduct. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive range of litigation support, including reconstruction of records, fraud detection, discovery assistance, damage computation, claims analysis, determination of compliance, and even expert witness testimony.

Once the issue is resolved, we can also assist you to prevent internal or external fraud from happening again by designing and implementing robust anti-fraud controls.

Intellectual Property and Patent Infringement

A company’s intellectual property rights (IPR) and patents are two of your most valuable—and vulnerable—assets. Trust the experts at Williams Meaden & Moore to build a solid case for you if ever litigation arises involving economic intellectual property rights or patent infringement damages. We can also act as qualified witnesses to help ensure you quantify any losses.

Lost Profits

Every industry experiences interruptions that can affect production and operations—from natural disasters to machinery breakdown, floods, fires, explosions, and more. However, calculating business interruption loss claims is a complex and detailed process that must take into account such factors as local economies, market conditions, business cycles, and more.

That’s why Williams Meaden & Moore has a team specializing in determining these specific loss claims. We offer an effective, and unbiased approach that ensures the integrity of all calculations we perform. Our specific areas of expertise include business interruption loss estimates, actual loss sustained, loss of production and sales, expenses to reduce loss, extra expense, reported value, and co-insurance compliance.

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

Dealing with cases of personal injury and wrongful death requires experts who work with tact, compassion, agility, and all relevant facts in each case. You can count on the experts at Williams Meaden & Moore to professionally and empathetically approach and work with claims involving incidents like slips, falls, and car accidents.

Our comprehensive litigation support includes quickly identifying and calculating past and future economic loss, quantifying earning capacity, determining needs such as superannuation, assessing realistic damages, identifying documents to assess and prove claims, collaborative preparation for settlement conferences or trial, providing expert testimony, and more.

Wrongful Termination

Very often, wrongful termination or employer misconduct cases come down to the word of the employer against the word of the employee—making it difficult and time consuming to navigate. Working with our team of forensic accountants gives you a way forward thanks to our ability to provide you with an independent, accurate, and well-documented expert opinion that adds significant value to this type of litigation.

Our experts can support counsel in a wide variety of ways, including obtaining documentation to support or refute a claim, analyzing the documentation to form an assessment of the case, and identifying an accurate, defensible analysis of the extent of the damages. We can also appear as an expert witness, as needed.

Physical Damages

Getting back to business when disaster strikes is critical—and taking swift, professional action to identify, document, and quantify losses can make all the difference.

Williams Meaden & Moore can provide you with a wide range of litigation support services and expert counsel for claims and valuation issues related to physical damages, ranging from insurable values to loss quantification, scope of damage assessments, and appraisals. We can help you resolve a claim by generating meticulous reports, accurately calculating losses, monitoring reconstruction milestones, and working closely with other specialized consultants during restoration.

Product Liability

A quick, honest, and decisive response is the best way to lessen damages and minimize further issues to a company’s reputation whenever products are recalled.

When product liability issues arise, let our team of experts provide you with immediate assistance to quantify loss and develop settlement strategies and avoid any further damage. Our expertise enables us to come up with quick, equitable resolutions by obtaining and assessing all pertinent documentation, quantifying the costs of recall and consequential profit loss, and reviewing the claim for accuracy and validity as well as the existence of recalled or withdrawn items. We also prepare detailed and defensible reports on legal liability, indemnity, quantum, and recovery.


Intervening quickly in cases of subrogation is the first step to successful recovery—which is why our experts are well versed in helping you start the process as quickly as possible. This enables our team to quantify the claim and ensure all pertinent documentation is retained.

Williams Meaden & Moore will work with you to solicit documentation, supply recommendations for record relevant financial evidence, determine what objective restitution would be, prepare persuasive arguments to support subrogation recoveries, and, if needed, defend those arguments in court as an expert witness.