Insurance Claims

With Williams Meaden & Moore, you will always get a practical evaluation of any insurance claim. Our forensic and investigative accounting experts are highly adept at obtaining crucial financial data and uncovering pertinent information related to a company and industry.

Accident Benefit Claims

The calculations involved in accident benefit claims require a thorough understanding of relevant past and current legislation, caselaw decisions from the courts or tribunals/commissions, and a solid foundation in accounting principles. Drawing on our vast experience with accident benefit claims, the experts at Williams Meaden & Moore are able to find the right approach for any situation in order to provide you with a complete and objective report. We know exactly what information to ask for, enabling us to arrive at a well-supported representation of the claimant’s circumstances to support our conclusions.

If needed, we can also provide you with ongoing support, including expert testimony for mediation, arbitration, and other litigation proceedings.

Living Benefits Claims

Williams Meaden & Moore claims specialists start the process by carefully examining the insured individual’s insurance contracts and policies. We will then use a systematic approach to calculate the individual’s pre-disability income (PDI) and residual income to see how much of the original income has been lost and what the insurance company will pay in disability benefits, pursuant to the policy.

Our firm specializes in calculations for self-employed individuals, and we also provide expert assistance to determine eligible expenses under Covered Overhead Expense (COE) claims of professional policy holders.

Tort Claims (Bodily Injury)

When it comes to tort claims related to motor vehicle accidents, slips, falls, and more, we approach each case with professionalism and consideration, mindful of the appropriate loss methodologies available, as well as the impact on the individuals and families who have experienced bodily injury or death. Our expertise in this area enables us to handle every tort claim objectively, calculate loss of income for past and future losses or future care costs, and provide an unbiased estimate that you can rely on in court.

Business Interruption Loss Claims

Every industry experiences interruptions that can affect production and operations—from natural disasters to machinery breakdown, floods, fires, explosions, and more. However, calculating business interruption loss claims is a complex and detailed process that must take into account such factors as local economies, market conditions, business cycles, and more.

That’s why Williams Meaden & Moore has a team specializing in determining these specific loss claims. We offer an effective, and unbiased approach that ensures the integrity of all calculations we perform. Our specific areas of expertise include business interruption loss estimates, actual loss sustained, loss of production and sales, expenses to reduce loss, extra expense, reported value, and co-insurance compliance.

Extra Expense Claims

Business interruption often goes hand in hand with mitigating losses and performing various fixes, resulting in claims for expenses that are particularly complex to determine.

To ensure the most reliable calculations, our experts will conduct a thorough investigation and build a solid picture of a business’s regular operations and what expenses have been incurred.

Fidelity Claims

From stealing cash or property to forgery, computer fraud, false expense reports, and more, employee dishonesty and lack of sufficient oversight can greatly affect any business. In fact, these can lead to significant losses, which in turn may affect cash flow and day-to-day operations and even threaten bankruptcy. Even strict internal controls can be circumvented when internal collusion has taken place.

Our experts at Williams Meaden & Moore are thoroughly proficient at analyzing a wide range of fidelity losses, helping owners and insurance companies to receive proper restitution.

To keep ahead of potential losses and anticipate issues before they begin, we can also work with you to prevent losses on a proactive basis.

Product Liability

Whether it’s a defective product, contaminated finished goods, or a product recall, our experts will help identify all key areas that can affect a business line. We will evaluate cost patterns and meticulously follow the manufacturing and distribution process, step by step, providing you with a detailed evaluation of direct and overhead costs during the manufacturing process, as well as quantifying such additional costs as extra transportation, storage, disposal, and sanitization.

Further, we will take into consideration any incident that affects customer supply lines or reduces production, leading to lost sales. Often product liability claims require retrieval of information from individuals or entity clients who may have also suffered an inconvenience as a result of the incident. Our team has extensive experience reaching out to clients in a sensitive and considerate manner on your behalf.

Reported Values

Inaccurate, under-reported, or outdated reported property values can pose great financial risk to claimants and insurers if major property loss ever occurs.

Williams Meaden & Moore will investigate the process used to determine the original values, obtain and analyze the documentation needed to verify those values, and then validate the computation of the values that should have been reported.

Stock & Contents Loss Claims

It can be a real challenge and time investment to determine the proper value of goods lost to a fire, flood, or other catastrophe—especially if there’s a lack of physical evidence, or the goods lost were a combination of raw materials, pieces still being manufactured, and finished items.

Williams Meaden & Moore stock and contents loss claims specialists can help you quickly and accurately determine the true value of the loss—in accordance with the provision of the insurance policy—so that the claim can be closed in a timely manner. If inventory was lost to an accident or incident, we can also analyze financial records to verify the existence and value of any goods destroyed by leveraging existing internal inventory controls and accounting.

Our extensive experience in this area and ability to tackle a claim from multiple angles mean we have a wide range of ways to examine and solve inventory loss claims.

Construction Bonds

Construction projects don’t always go as planned, and any delays can have substantial financial repercussions—from costly idle periods to delays in start-up, increased project and labour costs, hefty fines, potential contractual and financial disputes, lost business opportunities, lost profits/market share, and much more.

We can help you quantify losses related to construction delays, defects, and claims by providing expert analysis during the settlement or mediation phase, discovery requests, and interrogatories. We are also available to provide expert testimony, as needed.

Jewellers and Furriers Block

Williams Meaden & Moore offers a comprehensive set of specialized services for jewellers and furriers via our block claims experts. This includes verifying and pricing jewellery, precious stones, semi-precious stones, precious metals, alloys, furs, and other manufacturing stock.