Fraud Investigation

From misappropriated cash to unauthorized billing, property theft, and more, fraud can take many forms. Our seasoned experts use timeliness, discretion, and sound judgment to assist in fraud investigations so your case can be resolved quickly.

When fraud is suspected, Williams Meaden & Moore will initiate an accounting investigation to determine where and how the fraud occurred, report on the factual and financial evidence of the fraud in an objective, clear and concise manner, and, if needed, defend that evidence in court. Our two primary objectives are to help secure your assets so that nothing more can be taken, as well as obtain and protect the evidence.

Securing Your Assets

When fraud happens, Williams Meaden & Moore will undertake the fundamental first steps to secure your assets to ensure nothing else can be stolen or modified. Our experts know exactly how to turn on a dime to identify vulnerabilities and fraud sources in order to secure your financial assets.

Obtain & Protect Evidence

Williams Meaden & Moore will take your case on quickly to ensure all evidence is obtained and protected—the first vital step towards a successful resolution.

Our expert fraud investigators use computer-assisted techniques to uncover facts to help confirm or refute allegations, and analyze any competing theories. This includes gathering emails, documents, and files that may be hidden, plus investigating databases, accounting software entries, online activities, and more.

We also interview potential witnesses, anyone with information concerning an incident, and even those suspected of committing the fraud. Our goal is to gather all facts related to the perpetrator’s motives, as well as verify opportunities the person made use of to commit the fraud.